Super Villains

Super Villains

By Tim Smith

This is a story of super heroes and super villains, and how sometimes it can be hard to tell by their actions which is which. The story is told from the points of view of individuals who are deeply and personally involved when an old generation of heroes and villains gives way to a new one.


Part 1 : Sections 1 to 10

Part 2 : Sections 11 to 19

Part 3 : Sections 20 to 28

Part 4 : Sections 29 to 37

Part 5 : Sections 38 to 47

Part 6 : Sections 48 to 54

Part 7 : Sections 55 to 62

Part 8 : Sections 63 to 71

Part 9 : Sections 72 to 79


If you'd like to comment, feel free to e-mail me at, including Super Villains in the subject. Yes, I know this opens me up for tons of spam, but I'm getting it already so no biggie. Any similarity to persons living, dead, or undead is purely coincidental. This is a work of fiction; if you think it's real, please tell me where the rocketship to your planet leaves from; I'd like to catch a lift.


This story was written as part of National Novel Writing Month, and is a Winner for 2013 (which is to say it was finished in November and it's at least 50,000 words. See for more information.


(c) 2013, Tim Smith. All rights reserved.