Site Launch

Gareth looked at the timer on his screen. Twenty seconds left. This new horror website had been trending for the past week. A couple of leaks said it was so frightening it would make your dreams afraid to fall asleep, and that the new 3-D technology would be absolutely wicked!

As the timer zeroed the site opened. A black screen. That’s it? There must be a trick of some sort, maybe a secondary window. He minimized the screen and there it was. A golden-eyed, droopy-armed monster looking out of his Excel spreadsheet. One of its clawed arms was holding the status bar. As he shifted his head the face moved against the perspective of the spreadsheet. This was freakin’ awesome!

But it didn’t stop. The creature was moving, watching him. One of its hands gave the illusion of reaching right out of the screen, trying to touch his face...


In the offices of DarkSoft, Enderby’s phone rang. Hopefully the damned server hadn’t crashed. In this industry it was possible to be too successful, like when thirty million kids hit your sight like a voyeuristic hurricane and blew the server switch. He braced himself for the bad news.

“Enderby here.”

“Boss, it’s Andy down in the server room.”

“How long is it going to take to bring them back up?”

“The servers are okay, sir. We have another problem.”

“What, have angry mothers developed first-strike capability?”

“No sir. We’re getting plenty of eyeballs here; like thousands or even millions.”

“So lots of people are looking at the site? Isn't that good?”

“No, we’re getting eyeballs. They’re almost two feet deep on the server room floor. And some of them are still looking around and blinking.”