Go Big Sister

Part 5. Start at "Coming Out Fighting" below and work your way up.


“Miss Myers, you are needed here!

“Admiral with all due respect, and that isn’t much, I’m needed out there! The new Garridan ultra-mechs are taking our people apart and you need every pilot you can get your hands on!”

“Absolutely not! We cannot risk a valuable strategic asset...”

“I’m not an asset! I’m a human being!”

“No you are not, Miss Myers! You are half-Garridan!”

My voice turned to ice. “And you think I’ll defect. Admiral, those creeps have annihilated over ninety-nine percent of the human race; they have to be stopped before they finish the job!”

He turned to the marines who provided ‘security’ for my concert. “Make sure she doesn’t leave this room!”

I turned on Trevor. “You could have helped!”

“What Mindy, use my awesome military street-cred? I’m too busy prepping the girls.” He knelt down and adjusted Sasha’s mike. Sasha and her three sisters were half-Garridan like me, hard metal rockers with truly magical voices. Unless you actually saw them you’d never know they were eleven years old.

Trevor was just finishing up. “Okay girls, remember if something goes wrong you jump down that tube. It goes straight to the evacuation pods, right next to the mecha bay. Got it?”

The girls nodded, but I was the one who got it. I was in the tube before anyone could react.


The mecha bay was pretty picked-over; all the pure combat mechs were out there fighting already. I chose a search & rescue unit. It was lightly armed and armoured but very fast.

I was in the cockpit with a flight suit half-on by the time my marine babysitter arrived.

“Mindy! Get back here right now!”

“Catch me, trooper!” I slammed the canopy and slithered my arms into the suit. I could do it up while launching. Just before climbing the mech onto the catapult I jettisoned the rescue gear. That got me a call from the ground crew.

“Miss, you’re going to have to keep the throttle way down or you’ll black out.”

“Screw that, ground. I’m Mindy Myers, half-Garridan. I can take twice as many g’s as a human and I’m going to use every one of them! Launch!”

I love ground crews; they don’t waste time when it counts. Four seconds later I was in space and clear of the carrier. I switched to tactical channel and heard Jenna’s voice over a high energy bass line that would scramble the nervous system of any full-blooded Garridan stupid enough to listen in.

Go Big Sister! Hit ‘em like a twister!
This is the time, this is the place,
Gotta blow the bad guys out of space!

I love that song; it was the first one Jenna wrote after we rescued her. I’m Big Sister. I checked the tactical sub-channel and saw where I could do the most good. I slammed on the thrusters and blasted out at just over twenty g’s. Even the ultra-mechs could only pull fourteen.