Making the List

“I didn’t plan on this. You’re my best friend; falling in love with you was the last thing on my mind. I know our time is going to end soon, but I beg you not to turn the page and leave me behind.”

What the hell am I saying? I know Vixen isn’t here but I’m pouring my heart out anyway. I can see her in my mind’s eye, slowly turning her back on me. Like everyone else does. Like I’m invisible.

“Interesting,” the voice shocks me out of it, “I knew there was someone else present. Now, what have we here?”

I feel totally exposed and vulnerable. Miss Tyree, A-list supervillain, is staring directly at me. That’s not supposed to happen; I’m Wallflower, the one with the power to be unnoticed.

“You know she doesn’t love you, child. After all, how could anybody love someone so easy to forget?”

I know. Vix doesn’t love anyone that way, but it doesn’t stop my heart from breaking. She’s already been chosen for the B-list and there are two super groups asking her to join up. If I don’t make it then I’ll become her sidekick at best; more likely I’ll just get left behind.

“Now, girl, if you tell me how you got into my Inner Sanctum I may let enough of you live for others to find.”

My chest tightens as though I’m being crushed, then words come out regardless of my will.

“I just walked in. Nobody noticed me.”

“Not even the magical wards? Not even the guardian daemons?”

“Nope. Walked right past them.”

“Even the men I’ve loved to death didn’t have the balls for that. And yet you still seek the approval of those idiots on the Council? You should be ruling them, child!”

“Yes, I should.” No, I shouldn’t!

“Do you tire of being treated like a nobody, girl? If you serve me I will give you real power! Power beyond your wildest dreams! The power to stand up and be noticed! What say you?”

I can suddenly breathe again; the compulsion which held my body immobile and my tongue in her thrall is gone.

“What do I say? You want me to give up the very thing that makes me me? Just so you can have another slave? No way, bitch! GUARDS!”

I hope I sound enough like her that her goons are fooled. A second later the door bursts open and five of her daemon slaves burst in, claws and fangs at the ready.


“Get out! All of you!” She waves her hand and one of the daemons comes apart at the seams, spraying blood and ectoplasm all over the room. She smiles a wicked smile. “Well, most of you then.”

I take the opportunity to bolt. The thing about my power is that it works better the more people there are not to notice me. I can feel her detection spells trying to find me but automatic sensors are even dumber than people. Within five minutes I’m out of her mansion and off her property.

As I stand panting by the highway an old VW bug with a fox paint job pulls up and stops. The passenger door opens.

“Get in. You don’t want to ignore this. The place will be swarming with spooks and goons in a couple of minutes.”

“Vixen? How did you…”

“…find you? It was pretty obvious where you’d go. This was a truly dumbass stunt, you know.”

“I know.”

“Are you going to write a report? I’m pretty sure the Council will put you on the B-list for it, if not the A.”

“Really? But I just want to be on the B-list.”

“Don’t worry; you’ll definitely make that. And by the way, I would never turn the page without you.”