It's Going To Be Complicated

Who would have thought a blind date could turn out so well? Linda was gorgeous in her blue satin gown, her raven hair and dark eyes shining. I was wearing my good suit and we were having dinner at Chez Amour, the French restaurant on sixth.

At 9:30 Linda stepped away to the ladies’ for a moment. Perfect timing. I took out my phone and texted my buddy Jon.

It’s all taken care of.

That was my signal that everything was going well and no bail-out was required. A moment later he texted back.

Wrong! Iron Maiden was here demanding your whereabouts.

Iron Maiden? The super-villain? How could she know my secret identity? And what did she want?

I was feverishly trying to think of a plan when Linda came back. She looked stricken.

“What’s wrong, Linda?”

“Something’s come up at home. I’m going to have to cut the evening short.”

Oh God, she’s dumping me. But at least it will get her out of harm’s way.

“Is there any way I can help?”

“I don’t think so. But I have your number and you have mine. We have to continue this another time. You’re the best guy I’ve ever met, Marc.”

She grabbed my tie and pulled me in for a kiss that I felt down to my socks.


The front door fell off the restaurant and Iron Maiden stepped in. She was seven feet of armoured fury and it was obvious she was here on business. Her electronic voice filled the room.


Linda gulped. I gulped. Then Linda stood up straight and faced the armoured amazon.

“No. You can’t bully me, Miranda.”


One of her arm cannons swiveled towards me.

“Don’t you dare!”

Linda stepped between me and Iron Maiden. Brilliant blue gemstone encased her body, tearing the dress to shreds. She was Sapphire Steel, Iron Maiden’s partner.

“Stay here, Marc. I’ll protect you.”

She leapt across the restaurant, straight at Iron Maiden. A moment later she landed an uppercut and the two villains flew out into the street.

I left my card on the table and ran after them. I’d come back and pay later.

Once in the street I chased after the melee. Sapphire Steel was a pure brawler; I’d felt those punches on several occasions. But Iron Maiden was a war machine; she used flight and ranged weapons to her advantage. Either could take me down on a good day.

I transformed. This had to be stopped, and the Silver Sentinel was the one to do it. There goes the suit.

I leapt into the fray, but I was surprised. Sapphire grabbed me as Maiden flew upwards.


The armour melted away from her face revealing Linda once again. I pulled off my helmet.

“She’s my sister, Marc. This is going to be a complicated relationship.”

“Yeah, it is. So what.” I kissed her long and passionately. Best Valentines’ Day ever.