Line Drawing

Something was wrong; it didn’t feel like the dentist’s office. For one thing, I’m pretty sure the dentist’s chair had padding on it; I could feel cold metal against my bare ass. And the steady ka-chuck ka-chuck of train wheels wasn’t exactly a normal dentist sound either.

I risked opening up my eyes, then did a double-take. I was fairly sure I wouldn’t be in Dr. Patterson’s office; being on a train would have been the expected surprise. But I wasn’t; I was on a line drawing of a train.

I looked down; I was a line drawing too, though somebody had taken a few liberties enhancing my physique. I was naked except for a line drawing of a briefcase cuffed to my wrist, lying on the floor of an empty 1970’s style luggage car. The only things there were me and the briefcase.

It was all somehow familiar, but my mind was refusing to tell me from where…

The door at the end of the car slid open and a line drawing of a woman came in. She was gorgeous and stacked and had nipple-arcs on her tee shirt and short shorts about a size too tight. The only thing out of place was the gun she was pointing at me.

“Well Tory, are you ready to give me the briefcase now or do I have to get persuasive?”

“P-persuasive?” I had this vision of bullet holes in my line-drawn body.

Then she was sitting on my stomach; the gun was gone and so were her clothes. What a continuity glitch! This was just like…

…the web comic I’d been reading before going to the dentist! Aha! It was a dream!

And that meant there was something important in that briefcase, but I hadn’t had a chance to find out what it was before I had to go. I did remember that she had the gun back at the end of the second page of sex drawings, and that hadn’t gone well for the male lead in the comic. Not well at all.

As we went through those two pages things started to subtly shift. I started noticing hints of colour shading around the edges of the lines. The boxcar was taking on greys and browns and we were developing definite flesh tones. Lots of flesh tones.

During the big moan three-quarters of the way down page two I was able to pluck the newly-found gun out of her hand and toss it away across the baggage car.

At the end the girl, fully real in my arms, pulled me up and kissed me. I was in heaven… until she slammed my head against the floor and I blacked out.


The light from the dentist’s chair was bright enough to shine right through my eyelids. When I finally opened them I was momentarily blinded. Then a line drawing of Dr. Patterson helped me up and I looked around the line drawing of his office.