Old Business, New Business

July Twelfth

“I know what you did.”

She cuts off. Either T-Mobile has put up cell towers in Hades or someone is playing a very tasteless joke.


July Fifteenth

“I know what you did, Dana.”

Well, now I’m sure it’s for me. And I know her voice. The problem is that I watched her die. My hesitation caused her death.


July Twentieth

“I know what you did.”

Doctor Necromancy hands me the phone.

“It sounds like her, Thunderwoman, but it can’t be. Enchantress is twenty years dead; this person has not the voice of undeath.”


July Twenty-Third

“Hello, Dana. It’s time we met. Come to the place where you betrayed me. Come at noon; come alone.”

 Why don’t you just post a big neon sign saying “It’s a trap” while you’re at it? I call Victoria. She can go undercover and otherwise it’ll look like I’m going alone.

In the years since Enchantress’s death the building has been demolished; now it’s a Mr. Burger. I go in at 11:57 and find bodies strewn everywhere. My horror turns to relief when I realize they’re sleeping, not dead. Especially since my daughter is here somewhere.

At precisely noon I feel a familiar tingle run up my spine. Enchantress fades into view, looking exactly like she did the day she died.

“Hello, Thundergirl. Did you miss me? More importantly, did Foxy David miss me?”

“It’s Thunderwoman now. And why the melodrama?”

“It’s all about melodrama, dear. I was content to be dead for twenty years, but now you have something I want.”


“My daughter.”

She’d told me the fertility spell she’d cast on Crimson Fox would tie both of us to the child as tightly as blood. That I could live with, but afterward she’d kept screwing around with my husband for nearly a month. I’ve long-since forgiven him.

“You mean my daughter.” Energy crackles over my body, barely contained. I haven’t forgiven her.

She flexes her fingers and the security shutters on the windows snap down.

“You can get up now, Victoria dear. Time to meet your other Mommy.”

Victoria pounces up onto a table, doing that seductive crouch she likes. Even in civvies, she’s still a Vixen.

“Lady, you are not my mother.”

“Yes I am, girl. Now come to …mmfgh!”

Perfect. Without her mouth she’s limited to just a few simple spells. And I’m pretty sure Wallflower, my daughter’s girlfriend, isn’t going to let go.

My lightning bolt strikes her stomach. She’s supposed to twitch and fall down, but Wallflower is the one that screams and slumps.

“Thank you, dear. You just gave me what I came for.”

Her features flow and shift, and I turn white. It’s Miss Tyree. Victoria leaps at her with a snarl, but passes right through her. In a moment Tyree and Wallflower are gone.

“Mom, what the heck?”

“It’s a long story…”

“Then it can wait. We have to get Rose back.”