Neighbour Steals Your Christmas Decorations

Your neighbor started hanging her Christmas decorations. You smile, wave and say, “Looks good,” as you pull into your garage. Suddenly, you take pause and  notice that her decorations look very familiar and, are in fact, yours. To confirm you dash to the basement and see that all of you Christmas decorations are missing. You decide to steal back your good in the middle of the night but it doesn’t go as planned.

Writer's Digest prompt

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I live in a suburb of cookie-cutter houses crammed together on postage stamp lots. Yesterday evening I saw Krista up on the roof hanging decorations. All around the lawn were light-bedecked reindeer, and the sleigh on a stick that, if it was dark enough outside, looked like it was flying. And seated in the sleigh was an inflatable Grinch. My inflatable Grinch!

I drove around the back and parked in the garage, then rushed into the house. Down to the basement; the decoration boxes were all open or gone! That Krista! I knew she was struggling since Todd left her, but to steal Christmas decorations! I was set to give her a piece of my mind but Dana reminded me we had to leave now for the Christmas party.

I fumed through the night with no enjoyment, but told no-one. And when we drove past the house on the way home Dana even commented how beautiful the decorations looked. My decorations!

So I waited till late, when all were asleep, then out the back door with a ladder did creep. I snuck to the side of her humble abode, and up on the ladder I gently tiptoed. As I pulled up the lights that were strung all along, I found myself humming my best festive song.

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! You really are a heel…

So I pulled up the lights and I pulled up the strings, I pulled up the wreaths, oh the little green rings. I pulled up the icicles, tinsel and bows; I pulled up the stars in their neat little rows. To get back my own made me feel so sublime I found even my thoughts were now coming in rhyme!

I moved every bauble and glittering light over onto my roof where I set them up right. Not even an inch from my plan did I veer to pay back the one who stole my Christmas cheer.

Then on to the lawn where I found all my deer; I took them down there and I set them up here. And even the sleigh and inflatable Grinch were moved to my lawn, it was truly a cinch.

And finally standing out front on the street, I stared at my work: revenge is so sweet.

Then the moment was broken, my smile to a frown, for Krista came out in her slippers and gown.

“Bill, what are you doing? You moved all your lights here? I put them up to earn money for Christmas this year.”

I looked at the address a couple of times; the house I’d moved all this away from was mine! So I walked up and gave her my winningest grin, and at last the true meaning of Christmas sunk in.

“Keep them, dear neighbour,” I said without fuss, “Come over at Christmas and share it with us.” And when the time came for our grand Christmas feast we shared it with Krista, and she carved the roast beast.