Thanksgiving Intervention

You’ve been invited to attend a Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house, but when you walk in you notice there’s no turkey and, instead, a giant “Intervention” sign hanging across the mantle. Your friend, who is surrounded by many of your other friends and family, sits you down and explains that you have a problem: you spend too much time writing! Write this scene and how you handle it.

Writer's Digest prompt

*  *  *

Dear Ms. Smith;

Thank you for your enquiry. I regret to inform you that your brother’s condition has not improved. He remains in an unresponsive state and has not reacted to medicinal treatment.

I do not believe it is fair for you or your family to blame the onset of this condition on your intervention attempt, in the form of a Thanksgiving dinner, to reduce the time the patient spent writing. The severity of the reaction is strongly indicative of a pre-existing undaignosed condition.

We shall inform you if your brother’s condition improves.


Dr. L. Bergmeir, M.D., Psy.D.
Ponoka Hospital and Care Centre