About Tim

Tim Smith

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Tim is a denizen of Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has been in nearly continuous operation for just over half a century. He spends his days lurking around a Federal Government office under the premise of being the assistant to somebody who also has the word 'Assistant' in his title. Recursive, but true.

Tim's heart has been rebooted once; as a result he is a cyborg. He is currently undertaking a first-hand study of the effects of diabetic neuropathy, with mixed results. Tim has a tendency to tip over when left unattended; through a combination of bloody-minded stubbornness and dumb luck he has managed to mitigate this trend in recent months.

Tim can be found regularly in the vicinity of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church , a parish of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. In his prior Anglican life, he self-published a book of daily devotions called an Anglican Catholic Liturgy of the Hours; his actual writing contribution to the book consists of the frontmatter.


Tim views the world with a sense of gallows humour: the darker the situation, the more likely he is to make light of it. It's a coping tool, and a right handy one at that.


Tim frequently uses the third person to describe himself because he finds it easier to treat his body, mind, and will as separate entities, especially given that they are so often at odds with one another.


Tim's Adages

It's more complicated than that. 

If you feel miserable about your situation, the only change you have made is that now you feel miserable. 

People are largely defined by the other people in their life. 

Praise in public, correct in private where possible. Try not to criticize. 

Forgive as much as you possibly can.

Always allow someone a way to save face. 

Try to be the person you want to be; even if you don't succeed, you will be better for it.

-  -  -

Writer's Resolutions for 2014

I. Write no less than 104 "short short" (250-1500 word) stories during the calendar year 2014.

II. Attempt to write a novel composed entirely of short stories from I above.

III. See if any of the pen & paper RPG plots or game settings I've invented over the years
would make interesting stories in their own right.

IV. Try to entertain and inspire others as much as it is in me to do.

V. To be more critical of myself, not for hurtful purposes but to encourage growth.

VI. Bring back roman numerals.

-  -  -

feel free to e-mail me at observer@telusplanet.net